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Orange San Francisco and Orange San Francisco II Resource Site

Welcome! was created in order to construct a complete resource site for the Orange San Francisco and Orange San Francisco II, with beginner friendly tutorials, guides and articles. Take a look at the left for all our guides, tutorials and tips.

The Orange San Francisco II, also known as the ZTE Crescent in other European countries, is a powerful, £99 full featured Google Android Smartphone. The extremely low price point has become a dream for those who were previously tempted to dive into the Smartphone and Google Android market but put off by the incredibly high prices.

Tthe low price point has also attracted a range of Google Android developers. Various custom ROMs have been developed for the phone, with updates issued daily. Android custom ROM development began in order to create clean, unbranded and fast Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs – in other words, 100% Google Android without the network bloatware or interference.

With Google Android 2.3, the Orange San Francisco II benchmarks and compares against phones that cost up 5 times the price, including the Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire, Google Nexus S and the Apple iPhone 4.