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Download and copy the required files to your phone

Page 3 of 8 - How to unlock the Orange San Francisco II for free

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You need to download the stock ROM and stock kernel to your phone, as you will need them in the later on. Don't worry if you do not understand what this all means, it will all come together soon!

  1. Download to your Desktop.
  2. Once complete, extract (or orange-roms). It should create a folder named Stock ROMs.
  3. Open the Stock ROMs folder and open md5.exe (or md5)
  4. A new window will open with a progress bar at the bottom. Depending on how fast your computer is, the progress bar may complete instantly (in which case you probably won't see it) or it may take up to a minute.
  5. Once the progress bar has completed, you should see two green ticks next to and, as shown in the following image. If you see a red cross next to either or both of the two files, see troubleshooting below the image.
  6. Check MD5


    If you see two red crosses, it is likely that did not download correctly. Delete all files and folders you have extracted, and delete Then, restart from step 1. Make sure you are not downloading or uploading anything else, as this may cause a conflict.

  7. Make sure your phone is disconnected from your computer.
  8. On your phone, open Settings from the app menu.
  9. Tap Applications.
  10. Tap Development.
  11. Make sure USB debugging is unticked.
  12. With your phone on, connect it to your computer. A black window should pop up on your phone with an Android logo. Tap Turn on USB storage and then tap OK.
  13. Turn on USB storage
    Tap Turn on USB storage then OK.
  14. A new Storage Device or Removeable Disk should pop up on your computer.
  15. From the folder Stock ROMs, copy and and paste it straight to the Removeable Disk. Do not unzip the zip file.
  16. Windows 7 paste
    Copy the zip file and paste to the Storage Device / Removeable Disk. As seen on Windows 7.
  17. Once both files have been copied, disconnect your phone from your computer and continue to the next page.